Monday, May 19, 2008

My fellow English students

In our first class, we were divided into small groups to introduce ourselves. Here, I met 5 other people.
Looking at the picture and seeing the amazingly attractive people, we'll start with our friend Eucaris (or Euca) who's on the far left. She's 17 years old, studies mass communitation. She likes hanging out with friends, acting and loves her family. She dislikes heavy rock music and Chavez. Her dreams are to become a famous actor.
Then we have Claudia, on the right of Eucaris. She's 17 years old and studies industrial engineering. She likes music, dancing and watching soccer games, as well as going out with her friends to the movies. She dislikes liars, cooking and rainy days. Her dream is to graduate from college, get married and to have a good family. She likes English.
Next, is our friend Luisiana. She's 19 years old and studies industrial engineering. She likes music, dancing, watching her favorite TV shows and loves going out and eating chocolate. She dislikes smoking, rock music, drama and cleaning her room. Her dream is to graduate and to go work in the USA. Her opinion on English is that it's an extremely important language.
In the middle we have a dashing young man, but that's me so we've already covered that.
On the right, there's Luis. He's 17 years old and studies industrial engineering. He likes watching soccer games, basketball, music and going out with friends. He dislikes Chavez, working on weekends and hard work. His dream is to be a professional, start a buisness and to someday get married. He likes English and hopes that one day he has a good grasp of it.
Finally, on the far right, there's Mariangela. She's 18 years old and studies mass communication. She likes music, cinema, eating and cooking, and going out with her friends. She dislikes rock music. Her dreams are to graduate and to one day have a beautiful family.
So with that, this current blog is done. Until the next edition.

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