Monday, May 26, 2008

Technology and gadgets

Today, the main topic was technology. First, we talked about a woman named Sally Ride, who was the first woman to be in outer space. She at the age of 26, had 4 degrees and was one of the six women out of a group of 8000 people to be chosen by NASA. She travelled to outer space in the space shuttle Challenger 6 years later.

Later, we talked in general about technology, discussing several questions on the topic, such as cloning, the Internet, cell phones and videogames. In my opinion, it was an interesting discussion and I learned a few things I hadn't heard of before, or wasn't sure about.

Next, we talked about gadgets. We first established what is a gadget, then named all the different gadgets we knew about. Laptops, cell phones, pen drives, calculators, watches; in our modern times, there are countless ammounts of gadgets.

We also posted on our blog a few questions then anwsered them with personal information. A meme made by another student.

Finally, we made a sort of mental map in Powerpoint, which would help us make our oral presentation next week.

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